Ebara Model TLS

  • Since the casing has a structure dividable into three parts, easy assembly and disassembly of the pump is possible without removal of the casing from the dicharge piping.
  • The clearance between the impeller and the front side plate can be adjusted from the outside without disassembly of the pump.
    Accordingly, replacement of the impeller is possible in a short time.
  • No damage is given to the shaft due to the use of a labyrinth seal.
  • For shaft sealing, various mechanical seals are available in addition to gland packing.

Ebara Model TLS

Chart TFS 60Hz

Chart TLS 60Hz

Ebara Model TLS
End Suction Process Pump
• Food Industry
• Paper and Pulp Industry
• Petrochemical Industry
• Inorganic Chemical Industry
• Motor Vehicle Industry
• Steel Industry

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