Ebara Model IFW (Stainless Steel)

  • The main dimensions are compliant with ISO standards (ISO 2858).
  • Disassembly and inspection are possible without removal of the main piping.
  • Useful for a wide variety of applications.

Ebara Model IFW

Ebara Model IFW

*1. Ethyleneglycol-based brine: At -15 to -11oC, with methanol quench pot.
Calcium-chloride-based brine: At -15 to 0oC, with methanol quench pot.
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If the pump is frequently used, temperature is under 20oC, please contact us.
*2. It is limited depending on the model. Please contact us.
*3. It varies depending on the model. Please contact us.
*4. PILLAR KNIFE EDGE SEAL is made by Nippon Pillar Packing co., Ltd.
*5. Toyo RUBBERFLEX Coupling are made by Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd.
6. Self-fluxing alloy surface hardening treatment.

Chart IFW 50Hz

Chart IFW 60Hz

Ebara Model IFW (Stainless Steel)
End Suction Process Pump
• Food Industry
• Paper and Pulp Industry
• Petrochemical Industry
• Inorganic Chemical Industry
• Semiconductor Industry
• Motor Vehicle Industry
• Steel Industry
• Metal Goods Industry
• FIsheries Industry

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