Ebara Model FPSQ

  • This self-priming pump has good self-priming capbility and no built-in check valve, suitable for draining light slurry to a drainage pit.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance againts corrosive liquid like acid and seawater, in which stainless steel is immersed.
  • Excellent wear resistance againts sand and slurry because highly elastic materials are used and fiber reinforcement is not applied.
  • Light weight and Black Pull Out (BPO) design for easy maintenance.

Ebara Model TFSQ

Chart Ebara Model TFSQ

Ebara Model TFSQ
Self-Priming Volute Pump
• Food Industry
• Paper and Pulp Industry
• Petrochemical Industry
• Inorganic Chemical Industry
• Motor Vehicle Industry
• Steel Industry
• Metal Goods Industry

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