Ebara Model NVE

  • Since this pump is a water seal type, there are no problem if the intake air contains steam or water droplets.
  • Good durability with both-end support bearings.
  • Easy operation and maintenance are possible because there are no mechanical contact parts other than the bearing and gland.
  • Low-noise pump.
  • For low and high negative pressure types, a fixed port type and check ball type are used respectively so that shaft power becames smaller within the operation range.

Ebara Model NVE

  1. The maximum negative pressure of vacuum pump with a bore of 65 is – 96 kPa [-720mmHg] (when the make-up water temperature is 15oC).
  2. Target models: 200NVE (312/302) or higher.
  3. Casing, rotor, shaft and shaft sleeve made of iron is applicable.
  4. Rotor made of CAC is applicable
  5. Casing, rotor, shaft and shaft sleeve made of stainless (SUS304/SUS316) is applicable



Ebara Model NVE
Water Ring Vacuum Pump
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