Ebara Model EVM

  • High efficiency IE3 motor staring 0.75 kW complied with the EuP 2005/32/EC and ErP 2009/125/EC directives.
  • The VFD (Variable frequency drive) and the commercial sensorcan be directly mounted on model EVMS to maintain physical constant operations such as pumping pressure depending on the conditions of use.
  • Various pipe connections are available depending on the application requirements Oval flange/Round flange/Loose flange.
  • The external dimensions can be adjusted to the replacement of the existing pump in the wide majority.
  • Easy maintenance
    – The cartridge mechanical seal enables the plugin in replacement of the shaft seal without disassembling the motor bracket.
    – The spacer coupling allows easy maintenance without having to remove heavy motors over 5.5kW
  • Smart plugin solutions
    Air ventilation plug/Water filling & sensor plug/Commercial sensor fitting/Measurements for suction and discharge pressure/drain.

Ebara Model EVM

Chart EVM 50hz

Chart EVM 60hz

Ebara Model EVM
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