APF860 Series

ALIAPD APF860 Series Positive Displacement Flowmeter


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Positive displacement flowmeter type APF860 Series

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ALIAPD Positive Displacement Flowmeter-Roots Model APF860 Series

APF860 Series is designed in roots technology with digit display for totalizer & flowrate and providing scaled pulse and analog output 4-20 mA.
APF860 Series roots flowmeters are both with high accuracy and easily adaptable to most industrial applications.

  • 25-150 mm (1″-6″) lines sizes
  • Handles viscosities up to 50000 cP
  • Wide range of application
  • Various process connection types available
  • 5 Digit totalizer (resetable) / 8 digit totalizer (LCD)
  • 4-20 mA and pulse output
  • High accuracy of +/-0.5% of reading (or +/-0.2% of reading)
  • Display with auto sleep function that gets up to 6 yesrs of battery life
Size 0025, 0040, 0050, 0080, 0100, 0150 mm
Flow Range 0.007-200 m3/hr
Repeatability +/-0.1% of reading
Material Body, Cover & Flange: Cast Iron / Stainless Steel 316

Roots: Aluminum / Copper / Stainless Steel 316

O-Rings: PTFE

Register Housing: Aluminum Alloy

Max. Viscosity 0.5-200 cP (Standard)

201-50000 cP (Optional)

Operating Temperature -10~80 oC

-10~120 oC (Optional)

-10~180 oC (Optional)

Max. Pressure 10 kgf/cm2 (Cast iron Body)

16 kgf/cm2 (S.S. 316 Body)

Process Connection Flange

JIS 10K FF / ANSI 150# FF

Power Supply 3.6 V Battery, Size D * 1 ea
Battery Life 3-6 years
Protection Class IP65
Intrinsically Safe, Eex ia IIC T5
Explosion Proof, Ex d IIB T6
Painting Dark Grey
Ambient Temperature -25~60 oC
Flow Range 0025 mm: 0.4-6 m3/hr@5 cP

0040 mm/0050 mm: 0.8-13 m3/hr@5 cP

0080 mm: 1.8-24 m3/hr@5 cP

080M mm: 2.5-50 m3/hr@5 cP

080L mm/0100 mm: 2.8-70 m3/hr@5 cP

100L mm: 8-120 m3/hr@5 cP

150L mm: 25-200 m3/hr@5 cP

Display Flowrate / Totalizer: 5 Digit Flowrate / 8 Digit Totalizer

Dual Totalizer: 5 Digit Totalizer (Resettable, Magnet)
8 Digit Totalizer (Reset from Internal)

Engineering Unit L, m3, ft3, Gal
Time Unit sec, min, hr
Current Output 4-20 mA (2 wires)

Load: Rohm (VDC-6) * 50

Pulse Output Without Display: Reed Switch (2 wires, Unscaled Pulse)
2-36 VDC, 500 mA Max.

With Display: Open Collector (2 wires, Scaled Pulse)
11-26 VDC, 50mA, 15Hz Max.

Cable Entry 1/2″ NPT (F)
Optional Heating Jacket (Heat oil or Steam)
Strainers, U-Type or Y-Type
Air Eliminator
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